Artem Levin
Complex IT Product and Project management
Hi, my name is Artem Levin, for more than five years I'm managing complex IT and fintech project as Product Manager or Operational Officer. My primary skill is learning ability. Wide variety of hard skills, soft skills of communications, educability, building teams in a number of 2-70 people. I'm focused on technologies like Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, crowdinvesting, AI, risk-analytics. Marketing and business researches, complex managing of IT projects. Fundraising, stakeholders management. Resident of the UAE.
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Professional experience
2022 - Palladium Corporate Services - COO - incorporation in the Feezones and Mainland in the United Arab Emirates
  • Created the business from scratch, obtained the license of Corporate Service Provider in DMCC
  • Administrated Business development to more than 40+ freezones and 20+ local banks
  • Built the marketing funnel and product - 7 easy steps to incorporate the business in the UAE
  • Reached the revenue of 500000$ and counting
Palladium Company Formation website
2022 - - Founder - fundraising boutique for the early-stage fintech and blockchain projects
- Outreaching with a team of 8 through Linkedin, Crunchbase, and cold e-mails. Nurturing leads through social media retargeting campaigns.
- Creating the data-rooms of the projects. (Decks, financial models, marketing plans, go-to-market strategies)
- Product - the marketplace to connect startups and investors website
2020-2022 Value Network - DeFi - Founder
  • Created the project from the scratch, choosing the niche of decentralized derivatives / binary options. Building the open-source infrastructure of smart-contracts to settle participants, also using Chainlink as a price Oracle
  • Formed the distributed team of 8 people: 2 full-stack developers, 4 business development managers, 2 marketing managers, and designers. Legal and other activities on the outsourcing
  • Created the multi-chain prediction markets protocol in the network of Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon (L2). Demo -
  • The product reached the traction of 2M$ of volumes and more than 20000 trades
  • Launched the ERC-20 token on Uniswap. Liquidity rose from 30k$ to 1M$ at an all-time high. More than 1500 organic tokenholders.
  • Investors relations and business development. Built the pipeline of 7500 investors, with a focus on the US and Silicon Valley. Outreaching with a team of 4 with Linkedin, Crunchbase, and Cold e-mails. Nurturing leads through social media retargeting campaigns. Attracted 50000$ for the Delaware entity. Complete forming of the data room of the project (deck, financial model etc.)
  • Stakeholder management - built DAO for the very early investors to manage 500k$ pre-seed-seed financing on-chain
Value Network Website
2020-2022 - Product Sales Manager of offshore Neobank for the underbanked. SWIFT/SEPA payments, IBAN's, crypto to fiat and backwards conversion
- Development of the service from scratch - sales, product, strategy, PR, integrations. Now the bank is operating worldwide and has thousands of customers in different segments (crypto-businesses, high-risk companies, financial institutions, mostly B2B)

- Built the sales department. Strategy, technology, people, operations. Now: 23 sales managers and more than 10000 touches on daily outreach from the department.

- Business development: built the automated onboarding of referrals - Weekly optimizations of focus segments. Aggregating of proposals from different liquidity providers: OTC desks, exchanges.

- Product management: analytics on the flows (including OTC deals). Communication with stakeholders to developers. Result: from bug-on-bug lagging product to pretty smooth user experience. Positive metrics regarding NPS etc.
2019 - Chief Operating Officer of non-custody payment system with the use of Lightning Network
Communications between the main team and stakeholders, strategy, product and marketing researches, the team of 15 people
2019 - COO of Security Token Offering Exchange
A complete audit of the system, more than 100 pages of researches and suggestions. The new concept of the service
2019 - Product Owner @ Crypterium (Crypto-backed loans + Buy crypto from the card)
Launching of 2 services:
First: - crypto-backed loans with centralized clearing. First 100 loans on the platform, cust dev, and researches about the strategy of the product.
Second: Buy crypto from the bank card - Instabutton. Development of the user flow from scratch, MVP is made with 2 out staffed full-stack developers in 1 month
2018 - Product Owner @ MikroKapital (Global P2P credit network)
Pitching to stakeholders and researches on the initial stage of the project (concept only) and raising the project from idea to pre-seed stage. Analytics of competitors - Mintos, Bondora, Prosper, Zopa. Development of the flow of mobile application from scratch. Financial models and business plans to prove the financial profitability of the project.
2018 - CEO, Value Network
Decentralized crypto-backed loans on Ethereum smart-contracts. Demo of the MVP is shown in the examples of work (lower)
2017 - COO,
ICO project of P2P credit network system. (Conception of the service is described in the examples of work (lower)
2015-2017 - Online microloan organization (Payday loans)
The automated flow of issuing of the loan - customer acquisition, scoring, money transferring
Creating the organizational structure from the scratch
Bootcamp Product Owner Binary District
  • customer development
  • communications with stakeholders
  • analytics of the product
  • growthhacking
  • how to choose metrics
  • strategy
Business Marketing in the Academy of Business
Main aspects of marketing
2015 - Bachelor Degree at RANEPA Moscow Under the President of Russian Feels Federation (Marketing)
Economics and Marketing. Project management, marketing, economics, finance
Professional skills
Professional skills in the sphere of marketing, economics, and finance;
Organizational skills - remote project management;
Communicational skills - interaction with different types of stakeholders;
Agile/Scrum project management;
Teamwork, product-focused approach in the changing environment;
Iterational type of product development

Work Examples
For the last five years, I made at least 50 presentations, made about ten business plans and financial models. My network is the best people in IT sphere from QA and design to software development
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Moscow, Berlin
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